Where Can You Find Hardwood Floor Care in Buford, Alpharetta, and Gainesville, GA & surrounding areas?

Our hardwood flooring contractors provide hardwood refinishing and cleaning services

One of the best ways to care for your hardwood floors is to have them professionally cleaned by our expert flooring contractors. This is especially true if you've already had them refinished, repaired or newly installed.

If your hardwood or laminate floors have lost their usual shine, a thorough clean might be all they need. Call us today for a free cleaning estimate.

Impress your guests with a hardwood staircase

Impress your guests with a hardwood staircase

Does your love for hardwood extend to your staircase? Ours does. Modern Floors, Inc offers:

  • Hardwood staircase installations
  • Staircase refinishing services
  • Hardwood stair and landing repairs


Whether you need to restore a worn staircase or install one for the first time, Hardwood Floors is here to serve.