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Modern Floors Inc. is beyond proud to serve our beautiful town of Marietta GA! We are constantly inspired by the surrounding mountains-capes and the fresh, lively beat of our home.  What we love most about serving this beautiful town is the deep-rooted history that seems to be around every corner such as Kennesaw Mountain and Marietta square. At Modern Floors Inc. this beauty and richness is not lost on us and actually inspires our work every single day. Not only does the city-center itself hold so much history and wonder, but so do the home nestled in this incredible town. This is where we are happy to offer service as Marietta GA top flooring contractors.

So many of the original homes in our town have incredibly beautiful and quality hardwood floors hiding just below the homeowner’s nose. In the 70’s it became increasingly popular to cover up the rich wood with shag carpet. Well, trends come and go and now is the time to rip up the outdated carpet and see what treasures reveal themselves below. 

Although we offer many services to the Marietta area our most popular service is hardwood floor refinishing Marietta GA. Why? Because as previously mentioned many homes in the area have incredible hardwoods just waiting to be renewed! How do we bring new life to your older floors? Wood floor refinishing Marietta GA! The refinishing process is one of technique, artistry, and overall skill and should not be DIYed. Depending on the level of age and damage to the floors the process may be more in-depth, but generally, it includes an evaluation and a meeting with the homeowner to discuss lifestyle and budget. From there we begin the work on hardwood floor refinishing Marietta GA! A simple outline of the process is sanding and buffing out any imperfections such as scratches, dents, unevenness, and staining. This will also remove the current finish so we can really customize the aesthetic that you are going for. 

Once we have a clean and ready work service as being able to begin the wood floor refinishing Marietta GA. Our contractors at Modern Floor Inc. are specially trained with over 10 years of experience to assure that you get a beautiful and even tone that will last through the years! We are happy to walk you through all of your options when it comes to the color and product for your refinishing project. 

We are so humbled to be renewing the original beauty of your hardwood floors in Marietta and keeping the town’s history alive. Just think, your home could be a little slice of what makes this town so special and unique to all of us. 

In Marietta and looking into hardwood floor refinishing? Don’t hesitate to call Modern Floors Inc. for an in-depth consultation where we will listen to your needs and educate you on all of your options. Remember we are here to serve and can’t wait to hear from you! Our neighbors!

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