Hardwood Staircase Installations

Hardwood Staircases

Your home may have beautiful flooring, décor, and furniture, but the image is not complete without an elegant staircase. To heighten your home’s appearance, select a hardwood staircase installed by a local Buford, GA flooring contractor from Modern Floors, Inc.

A new hardwood staircase will compliment your flooring, blending with your existing hardwood flooring seamlessly. You’ll be pleased with your space’s sophisticated, cohesive atmosphere.


While hardwood staircase installations improve your home’s appearance, they’re also valuable in other ways that might surprise you. Hardwood staircases can benefit you in these five ways:

  1. They’re more durable than carpeted stairs, which can wear down quickly.
  2. They’re easy to clean: just sweep or use a damp mop.
  3. They require less maintenance than many other staircases.
  4. They’ll keep their integrity for decades if you maintain them correctly.
  5. They add value to your property, just like other hardwood floorings.


For more information on hardwood staircase installations, speak with a flooring contractor today. An expert at Modern Floors will be happy to answer your question about our array of hardwood flooring services.

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