Looking to renew your hardwood floors versus refinishing or replacing them?

Rely on a trusted flooring contractor serving Buford, Alpharetta, and Gainesville, GA & the surrounding areas to help you out

At Modern Floors, Inc, we are hear to help with the longevity of your hardwood flooring or other types of flooring. We highly encourage that regular maintenance is done on your flooring so that the surface of your flooring can last for years. Recoating your floors is one way to prevent damage to your hardwood flooring once your finish may start to wear off. Recoating in its simplest definition is applying a fresh coat of finish to your hardwood floors.

When to recoat your hardwood flooring:

When to recoat your hardwood flooring:

  • You're noticing minor wear on your hardwood flooring
  • The refinish to the floor seems dull and discolored
  • It's been around 3-4 years since it's last been refinished

When it comes to cleaning your floors, we highly recommend the product, Bona Cleaner. This cleaning product is safe for your family and hardwood floors. When it comes to cleaning your hardwood flooring, you want to make sure you use products that do not harm your flooring. Harmful products can eat away at your flooring's refinishing surface, color and even wood. We do not recommend you use steam mops, quick shine or mop and glow cleaners as these items can be harmful to the longevity of your hardwood floors.

Reach out to Modern Floors, Inc for hardwood flooring maintenance services:

  • Recoating floors
  • Cleaning
  • Buff/sanding
  • Staining
  • Refinishing
  • & More

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