Engineered Hardwoods

Engineered Hardwoods

Are you looking for wood flooring that can stand up to everyday wear and tear? Let’s not forget about Georgia’s temperature and humidity fluctuations, either.

If so, Modern Floors, Inc. of Buford, Alpharetta, and Gainesville, GA has found an excellent material for your home: engineered wood. Engineered hardwood replicates the appearance of traditional hardwood flooring with additional durability. Our flooring contractor will use this material to give your home a beautiful, sturdy floor.


Every piece of engineered hardwood is made up of layers, whereas traditional wood is made up of one single piece of wood. Here are some facts about the construction of engineered hardwood:

  • The visible upper layer is solid wood, like oak
  • Beneath that are several sublayers (plys) of wood
  • Each ply is selected for its stability

This construction makes engineered hardwood flooring stronger than traditional hardwood flooring. When an engineered hardwood floor is fully installed, you’ll see only the uppermost layer of the wood of your choice. It’ll look like traditional hardwood flooring.

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